Trete ein in meine kreative Welt

Hallo ich bin Liz – bin leidenschaftlicher Natur- und Astrofotograf. Ich bin total kreativer Autor und Künstlerblogger.

Diesen Blog habe ich erstellt, weil ich meine Bilder gerne zeigen möchte und hoffe ich kann den einen oder anderen damit inspirieren

The Insperation had begun, with a blue sky, and a calm sea sketches painted with Crayola Crayons

Hello, my name is Liz. I am passionate about nature and astro photographer. I‘m totally creative writer and artistblogger

Can people inspire everyone! Nope, not everyone has the potential to inspire others by their thoughts, words, actions, pictures, stories. We can only be inspired, if you’re ready for new things. This is an example of my post about flowers, nature and astrophotography and much more.

Why I Love Being Creative!

I created this website to keep track of the memories. I’ve made in my years of wheelchair photographer and painter

A day without creativity is a day without colors. A daily sketch or photo is a ”Must”. Draw Everyday, or make a pic, if you can. I’m an artinfluencer or blogger, creative writer, no matter how call it, giggles