Things to Do

Giggles, I have a TO DO List 
It's getting a little quieter here because 
I'm full of inspiration and creativity
I want to bring this to canvas
  • Do things with passion. Passion that drives us.  Hence, we should never give up our dreams.
  • Sleep long. Enough sleep. Next week I have a stressful week ahead of me.  Weekdays, sleeping in is a real pleasure, or!
  • Dont miss out to  Pilates & Yoga. The mix of strength training and mindfulness grounds and provides energy.  It’s so good for the joints
  • Skywatching. Waiting for the wolf moon
  • Painting > It’s time for some new canvas inspiration
  • Meet friends online. Yes, we learned new things through the corona pandemic. We can’t meet because of the distance & corona rules, we talk, singing and we’ll do our virtual hug there. Distance can save lives. Love is when you keep distance from your loved ones. Life has learning us, be humble, be glad what you have. I’m optimistic I know better times will come soon. Haha, that’s why I’m not boring, I’m creative and I make the best of my situation. <3
  • See you & have a great time 😉

Von Liz

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