A time-lapse of thunderstorm over us

Once upon time. A bowl full of thunder and lightning meets us.  Oooppps , why  I don’t liked! Of course there are stunning thunderstorms, if you don’t sit  in the eye of the angry universe! But today in the early morning hours (monday) sat right there.  No, I don’t sit, I sleeping.

I was dreaming so beautiful and planning my whole week in a dream , when suddenly came a **bang**. I’ll waking up from deep sleep. I heard a heavy thunder, the earth and ground shaking up itself. 

I known, when a thunderstorm doesn’t feel good anymore.  This took a difficult turn, it feels not good. I was instantly awake, grab my cellphone. Reading the thousands of weather warnings.  We’ve already reached the purple area, extreme weather.

I woke my husband.  Cmon,  we need to activate our first aid plan. 

Living in the heart of the forest among the largest river that we’ve,- these means absolutely danger.  Nature is so beautiful., but you can’t influence thunderstorms there.  

Sometimes there are hours , there it wanders back and forth,  because it doesn’t come over the river! If it doesn’t come across, it gets very angry

This thunderstorm didn’t come over the river.  We ran around the house.  Unplug everything, we’ll go under camouflage . (We’ve pull  the plugs from sockets, it safe for us)

No telephone, no electricity should be active now.  Ours hope’s lie in our lightning rod and in the hands of nature.

Tons of rainwater over us.  Our gutter systems & pipes working under high pressure. Heavy thunders follow every seconds,  our house shines brightly. We sitting there, I prayed by the river.  Please, let the thunderstorm moved away .   I’m spending so many hours there, You should have let him gone! Now we’re sitting there in the middle of Tiger’s Eye, he’s really angry.

The  lasted one hour exactly, what a scary night. We took a deep breath when we noticed it pulling across our river.

The shadows of the lightning are getting smaller, rumbling can still be heard.  My husband and I look both ours eyes at same time .  The nightmare finally finds a end. Once again ,we’ve sails our old pearl and house through a storm.

We won’t yet estimate ,what the damage is outside of the house.  The night still lies over us.  We’re still full of adrenaline. 

It’s very early on monday and I am still sitting here and sharing my experiences.

This thunderstorm cell is extremely rare, but we had it for the third time in ten years and that’s a lot.

Take care of yourself and the ones around you <3

Von Liz

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