When the fire inside burns bright

When the view point suddenly becomes the background. If the painting suddenly looks different than you planned it

First I sketch my motifs before I start with the main work, but this time I broke my old rituals. Free hand drawing, yes I love it, but airbrushing can be a surprise effect 😀

With this motif I have completely different ideas. A cress with a black background was my idea. When I finished it, I found the canvas too blank. I pulled a little more around the edge, the color ran away. I thought Herregud, please don’t flow into the cress.


Before I publish a painting, I want to hear feedback from my friends. All said awesome., what’s a great background and frame. Herregud , they didn’t see the cress. I spent most of the time at there 😛

Someone of my friends asked me. Do you have a name for this picture! I said no. When the fire burns bright within you .This reflects your passion for painting

Thank you all for visiting my creative website.  See u   upcoming month again. Stay healthy

Von Liz

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