I just wanted relax!

Hej folks, I‘m again!

Sitting in front of my wheelchair and yes, I know my equipment so well and every single screw 😂

This is why i do the maintenance every season! Your equipment should be cleaned well, especially in the winter season!

I’ll start with the steering wheels. You know the little wheels , they takes the most time and nerves to be cleaned at regular intervals.

You have to unscrew them, clean the thread of the wheels of hair and dust. Afterwards i‘ve to oil the threads.
Herregud, I’ve now become a professional at it. After everything has been cleaned, they are reassembled, but be careful.

The optimal setting of the steering wheels is a prerequisite for the wheelchair to run straight ahead. The wheels shouldn‘t flap during driving. The wheelchair should never run in one direction. Thats importants points!

The steering wheels should always be adjusted by a specialist wheelchair dealer. I am my own mechanic specialist, I am not afraid. I am a mechanic girl 👩‍🔧👩‍🏭

I need one hour for this work

Unlocked/locking the drive wheels. I especially love this work. The coupling and the pin are oiled every 8 weeks
Keep moving parts lubricated, brakes, spokes. Everything works fine!

I feel like I’m on an inspection. After two hours later, I’m finished!

I look like a litte pig. Hands full of oil and dirty. Unbelievable, there aren’t screws left next to me, it would be a sign of sloppy job 🤣

See y later again in eight weeks. That was my afternoon after an annoying morning (job). I just wanted to relax

Wartung vom Rollstuhl!
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  1. Your story is funny again 🤣. You don’t botch up. At least you can be sure you won’t lose a wheel! 😇

  2. with an hour you are good. I gave my wheelchair to the technician house. It took them a whole week to get my wheelchair back! 😝

  3. Manchmal verlaufen die nachmittage anders als gewollt! Wenigstens keine Schraube übrig, freie Fahrt wünsche ich dir. 🥰

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