Best barbecue spareribs

made by Grillmaster Mike <3

Alright friends. Summer, sun and barbecues. No we don’t need summer, we grill in winter too. A question from Erik. Should I meat before grilling to add flavor like salt and pepper! Grillimaster Mike says no, it’s a NOGO. If you have very good meat like Entrecotè and very fine pepper and salt, it would be a shame if they burn the spices. Hope your questions are answered Erik 😉

How to properly make pork ribs, How to smoke on a gas grill! Smoking with hickory wood

Yesterday Mike did ribs. Pork ribs take a long time. First you pull off the silver skin. He smoked her for the first hour. Then he steamed them in cola for two hours. At the end he glaze with his own barbecue sauce 30 minutes – (secret recipe)

If you did everything right. If the meat butter-softly, it will be automatically detach from the bone

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Jeg er grafisk designer, amatørfotograf og maler. Å leve med revmatoid artritt av den tyngste formen og jeg sitter i rullestol. For å godta det som skjer og la trollet i lyset, kan det være lurt å tro mer på deg selv .. 🧙 Følg meg, tusen takk 🧙 Helseblogg, Spilblogg

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  1. He’s and remains the best, only a real Viking knows how to properly grilled meat. Thank you, thank you for smoking tips, especially about the wood. 👍

  2. These are the best BBQ spareribs I have ever eat. They are so good, they are the best spareribs recept of my life. 🍗

    Thank you Grillmaster Mike you shared the recipe many years ago too me. TRIPLE. 👍👍👍

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