Mellan någonstans och ingenstans #7

Sommaren är tillbaka överallt.  Men jag älskar sommaren mer i Sverige eller Norge.  Tyska kusten är trångt med människor. Jag är mellan någonstans och ingenstans

Av Liz

I'm a graphic designer, photographer and fine artist. Living with rheumatoid arthritis (cp) of the heaviest form and sit in a wheelchair. Accept what's happening and let the troll into light, you may want to believe more in you .. 🧙 Follow me, THANKS 🧙 Rheumatology, Gaming Blog,

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  1. You might think people are afraid to miss something. This year it is crowded with tourism everywhere. Especially in the northern countries of Europe. You landed on another planet look like the Texas desert! 🤣

  2. Rush Hour of visitors to German coasts. The first day trips were sent back. The east and north sea coasts in Germany are overcrowded. 🤔

    Liz are outer Space. 🤭😆

  3. Liz hat ein Plätzchen in den Dünen gefunden, was nicht überlaufen ist von vielen Ameisen (Mensch). 🙂

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