Att ha bästa vän «robotdammsugare»

Haha alla har en bästa vän, min ser annorlunda ut.Det är tekniskt, ja jag gillar teknik 😂 En robotdammsugare (irobot)  är min bästa vän efter robotgräsklipparen

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Jeg er grafisk designer, amatørfotograf og maler. Å leve med revmatoid artritt av den tyngste formen og jeg sitter i rullestol. For å godta det som skjer og la trollet i lyset, kan det være lurt å tro mer på deg selv .. 🧙 Følg meg, tusen takk 🧙 Helseblogg, Spilblogg

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  1. Cool part. I would like to buy one, I have so many questions. He really doesn’t go down stairs. It cleans parquet without scratching it. How long is the life of a battery. I saw that this guy is extremely expensive. Is it worth the money?

    1. Hi Tami

      – Battery life, round about 1 year
      – he recognizes every obstacle, just like stairs, he circles around it. No, he doesn’t fall down any stairs
      – Sure, sure, he can drive it on parquet and wood of any kind
      – If he knows your house / apartment, he draws a digital map of your area. You can watch this virtual map inside the app. There are different cleaning programs
      – Honestly, it cleans better than the Dyson we have. He has a filter and trash, that needs to be cleaned regularly
      – We don’t want to miss him anymore. He are absolutely worth the money 😉

      Hope this answer your question

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