Vår Opel Combo Life (E)

En bil för rullstolsanvändare behöver inte vara tråkig ->
Senaste uppgraderingen 👇

Älskar du vad du ser! 🙂

Av Liz

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  1. I’ll send my address where you can deliver the combo, that’s the XL. The blue is awesome, the whole car is awesome. 👍👍👍

    1. Haha Christel 😂Never, never ever. But yes it is an XL. It has a great camera, parking system and anorher good features—but thanks for your praise ❣️😘

  2. Look spectacular car, look relly snappy. I would not have thought, Irmscher developed such tuning parts for combo.

  3. Habe noch nie ein Frontschützbügel gesehen am Combo. 🤩 Echt einzigartig und genial gepimpt. 👍👍👍

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