Here comes my gigantic Pork shoulder steak

Every now and then you should to sin in your rheumatic diet, that’s happened last weekend. When a buddy asked me, hey Liz what are you doing? I said we’re going to have a barbecue, there’s lpork shoulder steak.

My buddy asked me, you don’t eat that? I; yes, of course, I sin today. Silence on the phone, I; you, I need it every now and then, because otherwise my taste will forget the different „spices“.

I know my fucking rheumatoid arthritis will punish me, I get a lot of pain. My soul screams afterwards, my body as well, just say my bones, say keep fingers away. ?

This post is especially for a friend, who was fascinated when I said. I eat a Pork shoulder steak alone. He wanted to see pictures, I sare them with pleasure. I love its rough taste, it’s worth a sin.

Von Liz

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