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I’m a tightrope walker of my own life – I keep dancing on my own rope

Everyone holds their thread of his own life in his hand. You cannot blame others, if your life isn’t running perfectly. I distance myself from people who are selfish, who don’t stand by their mistakes. They are condescending and show no respect for other people.

What’s bad about saying okay I made a mistake! Those who stand by their mistakes show greatness.

Yesterday I read a comment in a post on Ins. Someone grumble the nursing staff. After reading it, I asked myself, if you can’t clarify this yourself, you have to discuss it through social networks. A four-eye conversation would have been much finer!

I am a person of open words. In my life I have learned that my openness loves people. I often hear the words. You’re identical, you dare something. You have courage.
Is this brave, when I say what I think! I am not sure if you need courage. I call it honesty. Honesty to myself.

My heart, my soul tells me if it’s okay what I doing. I’ve always been a tightrope walker trying to keep my balance. I’m not afraid of the case. I learned to live with challenges.

I keep dancing on my own rope and keep the balance to everyone

Av Liz

Jag är en grafisk formgivare, amatörfotograf och målare. Att leva med reumatoid artrit av den tyngsta formen och jag sitter i rullstol. För att acceptera det som händer och låta trollet i ljuset kanske du vill tro mer på dig själv.. 🧙

Följ mig, tusen tack


10 svar på ”I’m a tightrope walker of my own life – I keep dancing on my own rope”

Agree Liz! It’s one thing, I still don’t understand to this day. Privacy should remain private. No matter if you have stress with another person. Grief, or other issues. Don’t do that over the Internet.

You are a magical tightrope walker. 👌

Thank you for the brilliant pictures. It has become a daily routine to visit your blog every day. Your contributions are often a source of encouragement and energy for me. Thank you hardworking bee Liz. 🤗🐝

That began long time ago our friendship. You always surprise me anew. This is already my favorite post of the month. Thank you Liz for a amazing philosophy of life . 🙏🥰


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