Soliga hälsningar från trädgården

Mike och jag var upptagen i helgen. Vi har lagt några av våra blommor i ny jord. I år har vi pumpor igen.

Sunny greetings from the garden
Mike and I was busy at weekend. We have put some of our flowers in new soil. This year, we have pumpkins again.


Grüße zurück allerliebste Liz. Dein Teichwasser ist glasklar. Treibt deine Seerose aus?

I am amazed how beautiful everything turned out. Your pond is really an eye-catcher. The water clear as a crystal. Good job. 🙂

Liz, I see your heart is as small as mine. If you use fertilizer, what would you do. Right, why is it no longer in the raised bed.

No no fertilizer, only humus. Bleeding heart was suppressed by the wildflowers. That’s why it has its own pot 😉