Härlig semester hemma

Herregud, finally it is done. I have activated my autoresponder and I am on vacation. Everything is different this year. Mike and I stay at home 🏠 because of the corona virus. Okej we don’t get bored. A new fence is coming, new plants are moving into the garden. I will post a lot of pictures of our changes. Every now and then, I will be a little bit lazy as this iguana 🤣🙌 Have nice time friends and enjoy the spring, if you can

Skrevet av


Jeg er grafisk designer, amatørfotograf og maler. Å leve med revmatoid artritt av den tyngste formen og jeg sitter i rullestol. For å godta det som skjer og la trollet i lyset, kan det være lurt å tro mer på deg selv .. 🧙 Følg meg, tusen takk 🧙 Helseblogg, Spilblogg

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  1. Lamo, , if Liz wrote mixed in swedish a. english, she switch on vacation mode. Enjoy the time out. 😀🏖

    1. Giggles you are so right 😉😂 When I started blogging in Swedish many decades ago, I didn’t know , that many Swedes would come here to read (I can see it in my stats. Only a few have the courage to leave a comment inside here. Over the years, it has happened that way most people leave a answer in English, so I created a mix today, thats the secret 😆

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