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Härlig semester hemma

Herregud, finally it is done. I have activated my autoresponder and I am on vacation. Everything is different this year. Mike and I stay at home 🏠 because of the corona virus. Okej we don’t get bored. A new fence is coming, new plants are moving into the garden. I will post a lot of pictures of our changes. Every now and then, I will be a little bit lazy as this iguana 🤣🙌 Have nice time friends and enjoy the spring, if you can

Av Liz

Jag är en grafisk formgivare, amatörfotograf och målare. Att leva med reumatoid artrit av den tyngsta formen och jag sitter i rullstol. För att acceptera det som händer och låta trollet i ljuset kanske du vill tro mer på dig själv.. 🧙

Följ mig, tusen tack


9 svar på ”Härlig semester hemma”

Lamo, , if Liz wrote mixed in swedish a. english, she switch on vacation mode. Enjoy the time out. 😀🏖

Giggles you are so right 😉😂 When I started blogging in Swedish many decades ago, I didn’t know , that many Swedes would come here to read (I can see it in my stats. Only a few have the courage to leave a comment inside here. Over the years, it has happened that way most people leave a answer in English, so I created a mix today, thats the secret 😆

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