Vårmånen på morgonen

Mellan träden tittar jag upp. Se mannen i månen. Gräsmånen, äggmånen eller rosa månen under tidiga morgontimmarna. Han vill inte försvinna, gräsmåne, rosa måne eller äggmåne  tillhör till ljusaste månen❤️

The spring full moon in the early morning hours

Between the trees, I am lookin up. Watch the man in the moon. The grass moon, egg moon or pink moon in the early morning hours. He doesn’t wanna go away, grass moon, pink moon or egg moon belongs to the brighst moon of the year ❤️

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Av Liz

I'm a graphic designer, photographer and fine artist. Living with rheumatoid arthritis (cp) of the heaviest form and sit in a wheelchair. Accept what's happening and let the troll into light, you may want to believe more in you .. 🧙 Follow me, THANKS 🧙 Rheumatology, Gaming Blog,

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  1. Gosh Liz. 😱😍He shines only for you. He knew you couldn’t see him the past few months. You have an eye for beauty. I notice that you are a long-experienced lunar watcher. The contours, exposure they are extremely expressive. 👍👍👍 Triple ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Spectacular pictures! I hope you have a digital signature on every pictures. For people who kick your picture copyrights!

    1. Hi Nils, thanks for kind words 🙂 Absolutely, each of my pictures has a digital sig. In addition, you cannot remove them, even if you edit them several times. They are deeply embedded onto layers 😉

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