Sjelreise – En solnedgang på stranden

Dager som disse er bare så vakre,
du vil ikke slippe 🌅❤️

Days like these are just so beautiful,
you don’t want to let them go 🌅❤️

Tage wie diese sind so schön,
dass man sie nicht mehr loslassen will 🌅❤️

Av Liz

I'm a graphic designer, photographer and fine artist. Living with rheumatoid arthritis (cp) of the heaviest form and sit in a wheelchair. Accept what's happening and let the troll into light, you may want to believe more in you .. 🧙 Follow me, THANKS 🧙 Rheumatology, Gaming Blog,

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  1. I find the title Soul Travel wonderfully described. The picture is a complete perfection. Your blog are awesome like U.

  2. Hey Liz 🙂 I’m gonna build a time machine, let’s go travel back, who’s with me! Great picture, thumbsup.

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