Endlich wieder Spieleabend

Wir lieben es es zu spielen. Da meine Ich nicht nur Spiele am Mac, sondern richtige Brettspiele wie Catan, Uno oder Backgammon. Ok unsere Wahl fiel diesmal auf körperliche Aktivität und wählten Sportspiele auf der Nintendo Wii. So hatten wir viel Bergung bei Tennis, Alpin Ski und Tischtennis. Das alles ist auch möglich für Menschen mit einer Behinderung, so etwas nennt man Wii-Rehabilitation.

Was spielst du gerne?

Äntligen spelkväll igen

Vi älskar att spela. Jag menar inte bara spel på Mac eller PC, riktiga brädspel som Catan, Uno eller Backgammon. Ok den här gången valde vi fysisk aktivitet och valde sportspel på Nintendo Wii. Vi hade mycket roligt med tennis, alpin skidsport och bordtennis. Allt detta är också möjligt för människor med funktionshinder, något som kallas Wii-rehabilitering.

Vad tycker du om att spela?


Very nice post. In wintertime we play a lot together like you. Our favorites are the classic, just like the newer board games. Monopoly, Ride to Europe, Jenga, The game of Life, Tomte julspel. I heard a lot from Catan, it has been a top seller for years. Should i buy it? Thank you Liz for your recommendation! 🙏👌

Anne – the game is also available in Norwegian version.

I can recommend it too. 👍 It is a clever strategy game made in Germany. Every year release the publishes an expansion, there are real big fan communities and events around the game. I got it for Christmas for two years ago, this are the most beautiful game.

Liz – Amazing activities. The little mii are cult. 👍

I never thought that there would be more people playing together. Many only know computer gambling, but traditional board games, who still plays them?

There are still many of you, thank you. ❤️

Our favorites
Yatzy, Scotland yard, Hotel Tycoon, UNO, Clue, Rummikub, Catan. 🙂

Dear Liz! 🙂
I am so gorgeous, what pretty things you can do on long winter evenings. 😀

Wow Mike made a multiple strike, I’m reading the bowling leaderboard. 👍
The trend is moving back to traditional games.
My heart beats for Rummikub, Rommé, Skat, table roulette. 🙂