Att fira jul med bästa julölen

Det finns många julölen i denna värld. Alla måste bestämma vad de vill dricka. Generellt är julölen starkare och mörkare. Vi har testat och det är våra favoriter, vad är ditt!

Julebryg från Tuborg
Nääs Mörk Lager Julöl
Jämtlands Julöl

Mönchshof Weihnachtsbier


I have a question Liz. How do you manage this over the holidays? If someone gives you beer, you have to take already your rheumatic drugs?

Hejsan Lena,

Alright this is a very personal and interesting question, I answer with pleasure. We all know that alcohol and drugs aren’t good combination. But I understand what you want to tell me. Nobody wants to live abstinently, something must be fun. Keep an eye on these things.

– If you visit a family party and someone offers you beer, I take beer. A beer is okay, but nothing more.
– I personally trink 1 beer not more.A better trick, do you know malt beer. Malt beer is often confused with the traditional dark beer, but is alcohol-free and therefore totally okay. If I know I’m going to a party where I have a drink, I’ll stop all my medication for a day, I’ll take it following day/evening again.

Just be careful when taking PPI inhibitors = proton pump inhibitors

If you take some. Don’t take if you know, you drink alcohol beforehand.

Important, always eat well beforehand. Avoid lots of sugar and fat products. All of this saving the alcohol in their body for a long time. If you follow these three rules, you won’t have any problems.

Please dont miss out
Don’t drinkt to much, but you shouldn’t overdo it. This golden rule applies for once or twice a year. Otherwise your RA will kicking you 😉

Hope this answer your question. Cheers Liz 🎄Merry Christmas

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