Mysiga juldekorationer: Tekopp

Julånden flyttar i vårt hus. Idag började jag dagen med julnissa. Jag köpte denna kopp någon gång i Danmark. Den som känner mig länge, vet att jag tillbringade många år där. Det är en relik från förflutna dagar


She is cute. I have already set up our Christmas decoration in the house. Garden area we have to wait a bit, until the Sunday of dead is over. 🙂

Oh yes Traudl, do not stress with the neighbors. 😗

I learn to know it is an important church day in Germany. I didn’t know then for few years ago and decorated our house on this last Sunday in november. My neighbors were very surprised, but they took it with humor, because I really didn’t know what he meant for a lot of importance. Since those days we celebrate their tradition and respect that. 🙂