I’m a tightrope walker of my own life

I keep dancing on my own rope.

Everyone holds their thread of his own life in his hand. You cannot blame others, if your life isn’t running perfectly. I duistance myself from people who are selfish, who don’t stand by their mistakes. They are condescending and show no respect for other people. What’s bad about saying okay I made a mistake! Those who stand by their mistakes show greatness.

Yesterday I read a comment in a post on Ins. Someone grumble the nursing staff. After reading it, I asked myself, if you can’t clarify this yourself, you have to discuss it through social networks. A four-eye conversation would have been much finer!

I am a person of open words. In my life I have learned that my openness loves people. I often hear the words. You’re identical, you dare something. You have courage.
Is this brave, when I say what I think! I am not sure if you need courage. I call it honesty. Honesty to myself.

My heart, my soul tells me if it’s okay what I doing. I’ve always been a tightrope walker trying to keep my balance. I’m not afraid of the case. I learned to live with challenges. I keep dancing on my own rope and keep the balance to everyone

Von Liz

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