Immer schön Lächeln

Irgendwann kam ich mal auf die Idee mich selbst zu fotografieren! Ich bin froh das ich dieses Bilder habe, diese Bild sind ein kleine Dokumentation auch zu meiner Krankheit. Keine Frage, ich bin froh diese Tage festgehalten zu haben.

Was denkst du über Leute, die viele Selfies posten?

Självporträtt: Min första selfie

Vid någon tidpunkt fick jag idén att tar selfies själv!
Jag är glad att jag har den här bilden. De är en liten dokumentär om min reumatoid artrit. Ingen fråga, jag är glad att ha dessa dagar

Vad tycker du om folk som delar mycket selfies

Self-portrait: My first selfie

At some point I got the idea to taking selfies!
I’m glad that I have this picture. They are a little documentary about my diease. No question, I’m happy to have these days

What do you think about peoples, who post a lot of selfies!

6 reaktioner på ”Immer schön Lächeln

  1. I don’t like people who are constantly wants to distinguish. If you are really good at job, privately, you don’t need a stage to earn applause. Such people are really poor, if the spotlight going off and the headlights go out, they are lonely people.

    I don’t count this picture as a selfie. It shows a person who has always been true to himself. You made something of your life. Not many with a illness can do that. The power you have are amazing. Keep up Liz, show your smile to the world. 🙂 🙂🥰

  2. I have nothing against selfie, if they are creative. The typical selfies in front of the mirror are totally boring and don’t deserve a click.

    I like your selfie Liz? 👌

  3. There is no better documentation like this. Especially in your case is it great, if you have pictures from days when you feel better. 👍😊 Good job Liz. 👍😍

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