Alien Honor by EA and EA AHQ 👽

Getting an epic gift from outer space 👽
I say thank you to all CMs of EA AHQ ❤️❤️❤️
This poster gets an epic frame and comes over my bed
That I will never be kidnapped by the aliens when i sleep 👽😜
Hugs and Luv so much 😍😍

FAQ for Spore on Mac

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Jag är en grafisk konstnär, amatörfotograf och målare. Att leva med reumatoid artrit av den tyngsta formen och sitter i rullstol. Att acceptera vad som händer och låt trollen i ljuset, kanske du borde att tro mer på dig själv. 🧙‍♀️

5 reaktioner till “Alien Honor by EA and EA AHQ 👽”

  1. Congratulation for this awesome achievement Liz 👏 You’re the best. 🙌Spore would not live without your help . 🙂
    I always knew you were an alien. Thank you for lifting the secret. 😁

  2. You are the encyclopedia of this game. None player back then, play it today. You have view in the development, you were the first time where had a support forum. You are the heart that is still pulsing. That’s good, because I still love this game. Like you, I left my old osx so I can play it anytime. Great job Liz. 👌❤️🤗

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