Hej, det er mig Spore

Alien Honor by EA and EA AHQ 👽

Getting an epic gift from outer space 👽
I say thank you to all CMs of EA AHQ ❤️❤️❤️
This poster gets an epic frame and comes over my bed
That I will never be kidnapped by the aliens when i sleep 👽😜
Hugs and Luv so much 😍😍

FAQ for Spore on Mac


The end for Spore on Catalina 10.15

Dear Spore friends,

the new macOS Catalina shipping out, but Catalina doesn’t support 32 bit app.
Spore will definitely not run on the 64 bit. If you see this icon, it means GAMEOVER

 macOS Catalina und ältere Spiele – Welche Mac Modelle sind kompatibel mit macOs Catalina


Change your screen resolution in Origin out of the game

Especially in older games makes those sense

An example

Navigate > Open Origin > Origin Library -> Right click on ”Spore” click on -> Game Properties -> ”Advanced Launch Options” -> > type  -r.1920×1080 , press return