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Patchnotes: The Sims 2 Super Collection & SimCity 5 is now a 64-bit app!

Hey my gaming friends, you know Wednesday is always the day I release all game updates. Good news comes from Team Aspyr. They’ve optimized the most popular games for Mac to 64 bit, Catalina

Sim City 5 Edition
The Sims 2 Super Collection


The Sims 2

Nytt innehÄll för The Sims 2: SommarklÀnning, Simmar och nytt genetisk

Jag var lite kreativ och skapar tre olika simmar

Ida, Liz, Mia

Vi vĂ€ntar pĂ„ sommaren, jag ha skapat den första sommarklĂ€nningen ”Rosdoft”. Nytt genetisk Rosa ögon

LÀgg alltid eget innehÄller i mods-mappen.

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The Sims 2

Where can I add custom content for Castaways Stories

You can add your own downloads, but everything doesn’t work

The following downloads work, even if they come fromThe Sims 2 Basic game

  • Clothes
  • Genetics
  • Objects like a bed and table

What are not working

  1. Different regions and neighborhoods
  2. The Sims Castaway Stories has its own regions

Navigate to following depiction

Navigate to the following path