The Sims 4 Moschino Stuff Pack: Can’t upload approved photos to Fashion Simstagram

Many Sims players think this is a bug, but in reality its a operational errors made by the players.

How get (find) approved pics back in The Sims 4 Moschino Stuff Pack!

  • First you build  with the tripod. Buy a camera, a tripod. Drag the camera from your inventory to the tripod
  • After that, complete the assignment and take some portrait photos in  requested pose. Pose you can adjust directly in the camera,  when the lense is open. Keep an eye on the left navigation bar, when the camera is open
  • Then navigate to your inventory and take a look at your pictures, click on them. Click Freelancer, click send to ”customer acceptance”
  • After a few hours ago, I got a response with my photos, being accepted or denied. These can be found in your mailbox.
  • Go to your computer, select the option Freelancer. The interaction are unlocked and is not grayed out ”Upload your Photo to ”Fashion Simstagram
  • Tata and now you have fulfilled a first mission.

TSTO Update: Simpsons babies

Get ready Springfield Fans

“Stop being a baby” is there! Once a suggestion, now a mandate. Help these Little Springfielders suffer through puberty and return the town to normal!

Start 07.08.2019 from 16: 00h European Time
Event end: 04.09.2019 at 16: 00h Eurpean Time
This event is divided into 4 acts and 4 mini-events. You can collect some new characters, buildings, items during this event. ENJOY